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MOSS 2007 - Installation guide using VPC

Given the limited resources for MOSS 2007 and the lack of MSDN and nights of googling around, I have compiled the complete guide that provides information on team environment development of MOSS 2007 sites, assemblies, artifacts and step by step installation of MOSS 2007 and related IDE's on a VPC for a standalone PC. At the end you will have a vhd file which you can circulate amongst your team and presto they will have a fully loaded MOSS2007 developer environment suitable for development and/or for demonstration.

Some of the areas that have been covered are
• installing, configuring and setting up the moss software setup.
• host demonstration machine system requirements
• moss 2007 virtual pc setup guide
• virtual pc creation
• windows 2003 server standard r2 installation
• windows components installation and configuration
• iis 6.0 and .net framework 2.0 installation and configuration
• active directory installation and configuration
• moss service account creation
• email services installation and configuration
• .net framework 3.0 installation
• office enterprise 2007 installation and configuration
• outlook 2007 configuration
• sql server 2005 installation and configuration
• sql server 2005 sp2 installation
• moss 2007 installation
• internet explorer 7.0 configuration
• moss accounts configuration
• moss administrators group account
• moss end user test account
• moss service account
• moss 2007 basic configuration guide
• starting services
• shared services provider (ssp) creation
• search settings configuration
• outgoing email configuration
• collaboration portal creation
• sharepoint designer (spd) 2007 installation
• sharepoint designer (spd) 2007 configuration
• installing microsoft visual studio 2005 + requsite moss components
• installing sdks

Drop by your comments and FAQ, so that i can compile the document so that it becomes a exhaustive document. And yes!! Welcome to the Sharepoint brethren :-)You can DOWNLOAD FILE here