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E – 51 – Bricking

After the firmware update, the joy was short lived and i wanted my loved applications back. I was in a shocker, not because i lost them during the upgrade but was unable to install any because of the strong authentication. Any software that i tried to install either ended up with – certificate error, Error launching file due to security reasons, content already existed and Invalid certificate.

I was feeling a little handicapped as i was without my fav day to day apps. I was getting a little impatient and wanted it to install them. Hours of googling around, i came to know  that there are my brethrens who are also looking at such things and some of them even had achieved success. So decided to give it a shot in bricking/hacking my nokia E series. I tried the SecMan hack from BINPDA, result – my E51 crashed. Leave aside installing unsigned apps, it stopped installing the legal ones also. I was heart broken that i screwed my dear E51. That’s when i learnt that i could do a hard reset of my phone and i could give my E51 a new life. And when i did that, i lost all my contacts. More hours of googling and the confidence that even if i screw up, i can restore life to my cell by the hard reset method had me going for the kill. Finally , i found Drakkarious. This ones very easy – all you need to do is

1. Set the phone date to an older date – 15-05-2007

2. Install the downloaded sis file. This will install – CapsOn, Caps off, Helo Carbide and Xplore

3. After installation, run X-Plore and press “0” and tick the 4 boxes ( most of the time, its always ticked”)

5. Without closing X-plore, switch to menu and run hellocrbide.

6. In the hellocarbide press options menu and choose Menu1 and answer “yes” ( I have no clue what;s happening at all)

7.Go back to X-plore and extract installserver.exe and CprofDriver_SISX.Idd from your c:\hack.rar into c:\sys\bin

8. Restart your phone

After step 8, you should be able to install any apps on your phone, even unsigned :-)

I now have a host of apps which i am evaluating. Hope fully will put the list soon.

BTB, here is my disclaimer – Hacking is illegal. Do it only for educational purposes. I do not guarantee if something goes wrong. But unless something goes wrong, you will never learn the right way :-) ? Trying to become a ethical hacker :-)

E51 – The upgrade story

It’s been a year now, my faithful E- 51 has been relentlessly helping me. Until , i noticed that my firmware was 100.20.34 and Nokia were churning out firmware updates to almost all models. So i decided to check if they had a newer firmware and what change list it offered.

Surprisingly, a new firmware was out – 220.34.37 /RM – 244 . I was thrilled, but unfortunately the change list was not available any where. Some how i knew that this would be a good update and the delta between these firmware re-assured this to me. So i went ahead to nokia india site searching for this firmware update. I know for sure that it’s a kind of business tactic, that Nokia release firmware for only some areas – Europe being the prime and not for other regions. They do the same for the built in software’s as well. I don’t understand – if you have loyal customers, you might as well give them all the goodies and make them more happy. Nokia needs to learn.

Anyways, since i could not spot this update in the nokia india/asia pacific, i downloaded this from their Europe website and was good to go. The firmware upgrade was smooth and worked like a charm.

Remember to back up your phone before you indulge in such things. Well after flashing the ROM, here is my initial feel – Display is better, music player is better, vibration seem to be stronger,  and accessing apps is faster. The only flipside :-) none of my older apps installed- which means stronger authentication for apps without certificate signing. I will have to see what next to do.

Travelogue – Magical Malnad - 2

From last day’s expedition, wifey was famished and i knew she would not be ready for any more expeditions like this for sometime. Anyways, there was no plans. We just attended the marriage and i tanked up my belly for lunch and left Hassan for Bangalore. I was feeling very drowsy, when one of the curves caught me by surprise. After that i felt refreshed , the average speed was 90 ~ 100 kmph as the bends were surprising and with the heavy trailers acting as delimiters and the road construction.

There was a funny sign en route which i failed to take a pic, it read –   “slow progress go work” instead of “Work in progress go slow”. Must have been a genius gowda :-) The drive was scenic and we halted at a dabba for some refreshing Masala chai and some onion rings. After that we hit bangalore

Some scenes en-route

view view4
view 3 view5

Travelogue – Magical Malnad - 1

I wanted to plan a trip and keep it as a complete surprise for my family.My wife’s cousin was getting married in Hassan, and the hectic work schedule kept me away from attending his engagement and marriage. This was his wedding reception and I thought that I can utilize this for an weekend outing. A week before the trip, the whole scene was uncovered. There goes my surprise through the drain, its very tough to keep surprises under wraps when you are married and live under the same roof. I am sure the married folks can second me.

Well, the plan was simple – visit as many places as possible and catch up with old college memoirs. Turned out that, the surprise surprised me, Dad dropped out as he had an important out station business meeting and was out for  the whole week. Mom had other plans and she said she would be free only after lunch on Saturday. I did not want to ruin the plan. So myself and wifey decided to carry on as her brother would also join us.

So we were all set now,

Day 1 : My BIL, Wifey , lil Niyanthri and myself decided to go ahead

Route planned : Bangalore – Nelamangala – Kunigal – Yediyur – Sravanabelagola—Hassan—Belur –Halebid

Am sure most of you know this route and the condition of the roads too well.

Left bangalore only at 8.30am as against the planned 6.30 am, credit to wifey. As usual , i had no qualms, i silently caught up with the high lights of T20 world cup cricket. After zipping through the bangalore traffic,  I tanked up the car and while there asked the lads as to what was the best hotel on the way to have our break fast. The guys suggested “Food court” on the way to Kunigal and right after that i pushed the pedal. On the nelamangala road, we had a chance to catch “Jai Hanuman” .. Looks like its Hanuman by the wires.

JaiHanuman After that we headed straight, We were all now hungry for food and apparently because of the road widening activity, we could hardly locate a good hotel. And finally when the food court came by, i over sped that stretch, only to return back for the  fear of having no breakfast. Sometimes miles don’t matter when you stomach growls. We stopped at this place called “Shark Food court” and noticed a bunch of gora’s & gori’s , they were happily eating masala dosa like it was pancake. I must confess the weather was awesome this time around. We relished the famous “thatte idly” there.


We hurriedly had our break fast and left for Yediyur. We visited the Yediyur temple, it was a nice pleasant place and after we spent some time there, BIL suggested we go to the Yediyur lake. Yediyur lake was right behind the temple. We slowly made our way in the narrow lanes and what lay ahead of me was a surprise. The Yediyur lake was awesome and it looked very turbulent. The weather, the wind, the water – the combination was something i feel everyone should experience. Well the villagers had taken to the lake and were using it for daily chores, the legend has it  that whenever this lake goes dry, that signals a famine. We spent some time there and moved ahead


While we were moving ahead, the temple elephant came very close to us for blessing. Lil Niyanthri was amused, but it scared  wifey a lot. I think i now know her weakness :-)


After that we heeded straight to Sravanabelogola – The largest monolithic statue of Bahubali. Enroute it rained for a few mins and overall it was a good drive. I packed Lil Niyanthri in a carry bag and started on the expedition of 600 odd steps. Yeah, its real tiresome. I think if i was all alone and no extra baggage i would have made it to the top without halts. But Lil Niyanthri was thrilled and i did not want to dissapoint her. So i back packed her and was on climbing when we realized that the weather had other plans, it started to rain and i did not want the lil one to catch a cold. So i decided to get back to the base while i coaxed wifey & BIL to continue their expedition and catch a glimpse of great Bahubali. The scene from top was spectacular.

one1 one2
one3  one4

After hitting the base , we were running out of time and so we thought we would reach hassan, have our lunch and then proceed to Belur & Halebid. But nature played a cruel trick on us and it rained incessantly and were forced to shelve our trip. So we could achieve only 2 out of 4 places.

Later in the evening, I tool my wife to MCE to show the college where her great husband managed to get degree in this sleepy town. After that we went to MCF. Please make sure that you don’t pull out your cam there. If they ever spot you with a cam, before you realize you will have someone pointing a gun at your face.