The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)


After a long hiatus from my bike, i am back @ it. In the course i actually forgot the basics of biking. I mean basics of biking to get to your work place:-)

I used to have these things without fail during the days of using my bike to work

1.A crash headgear
2.A nice jacket which also doubles as a rain coat during the meaner times
3.A leather glove
4.Bike legal papers
5. A backpack in which i carried my other stuff

But all the fun started when i forgot about all this and ventured out... it was chaotic.. people were watching me and i felt very embarrassed and guilty after i realized that - I was driving the bike like I stole it and not like i own it :-(

E51 Review

After a while of deliberating, reading numerous posts and reviews I bought a Nokia E-Series. E -51 to be precise. Its been a week now and thought i would put my review

*Nokia E-51 is quite a slim and thin device which is loaded with features. The device weighs only 100 g. The slim factor is must for someone who feels the bulkiness of other Nokia Model ( read N- Series ).You can get the complete specs here .Its a no nonsense cell which quietly lets the performance speak. Trust me, i am a quality guy and i think i have tested it well in this one week.
*On the connection front it has USB, WIFI , Bluetooth and IR. Do you need anything else. i was able to test all the connections and successfully established connections on my laptop. It seamlessly integrated and transferred data without any issues. WiFi worked really well with my Wireless G router from Linksys. In fact the device was easier to pair compared to my IPOD touch.
*The display is bright and good and makes you happy every time you look at your device.This compensates for the fact that its only a 2 inch display.The screen is very glossy and easily catches the fingerprints. You will need to be extremely careful with that. I think Nokia realised this and ships a cloth to wipe the fingerprints. They also package a pouch to make teh device look very professional.
*Call quality and battery backup is Nokia's standard and they have maintained it well.Since the phone is a business device, don;t expect to many multimedia stuff on it - Camera, Music player, Radio are just a bonus for you.The ringtones are crisp and clear.
*The device is fast enough and multiple apps can be opened and it handles them effortlessly.The built in memory is around 130Mb and comes packaged with a miniature 512 MB card. You can upgrade this card to 8 GB, depending on your use.
*SOme of the applications that i have installed include - Opera Mini,Yahoo Go, Gmail, Gizmo, Skype , Fring,YMess, Talkonaut, IM+ for skype,SMS Conversation, IRRemote, iSkoot,Vibrate call, Projekt, MS Dict and Xplore. The reason for having so many IM's was i was desperately trying to use the VOIP to call US. I have yahoo & skype credits. But still i am unable to make call. However i can receive calls from others on skype but i am charged for that. I shall try and keep my research on.
*One thing that i miss is a good ToDo list in this device.I have installed Projekt to overcome the lousy TodoList of E51.The other thing that bothers me the lack of good screen saver. I tried to put a good flash screen saver but it times out and comes back to the built in screen saver. I am 100 % sure that i am doing right, but will need to check further.
*All in all i am very satisfied with this device so far. I know i will be delighted once i get the Blackberry connect working on this. I will give that a try sometime next month.
*Cost is 11.2K in Sangeetha and that's the best deal. The package includes - Cell, battery, charger, 512Mb card, pouch, cleaning cloth, USB connector and some CD's.Its a good VFM.


Holy cow!!! I don;t believe this - My computer thinks I am the virus ;-) What's with the world and technology...I am beginning to feel that the 3 laws of robotics is true :-)

Final retreat

Referring to this POST... As i guessed, the postmortem has taken its toll. All the big guns in cabins have either put down their papers are asked to leave. But the fact still remains that there is still a lot of undue credits on them.
Politically motivated currents have pulled the plug on this project.Result 5 top performers make way for mediocre resources.... Way of life .......

Day 1, Olympics

The Olympics and the the controversies generated with the flaming torch has got me thinking - any publicity is good publicity... With all the hue and cry, i just hope this does not happen on  the first day of the D-Day :-)


Very true

Finally decided

It's final now. Its decided. Point Taken. The decision was right but the result was not what i quite expected to be.I never make stupid mistakes. Only very, very clever ones..

Well when life undergoes a complete swing, it kind of shakes you up and forces you to stop Simply living and hardly thinking. I gave it a real nice though..made my mind - i am gonna relocate back. I want to spend time with my family. Money and fame are just by products and can come at any time. There you go Bangalore , i am coming back for good