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Yeah, the frustration is creeping up as we are still unable to find a suitable name for our daughter. The more I Google , the more i get mad. I am gonna stop this and let wifey take control over small things like this. But i made sure that i would definitely have a say in bigger matter like

1. When should India declare war on Pakistan

2. What should be the world's stance on terrorism

3. Should Ganguly be selected for the Ind - Aus series

4. Did Bank of America make the right move by acquiring Merrill Lynch

5. What should be India's GDP in the next 5 years

6. Measures for winning more gold medal's in next Olympics

Wife, you heard me right. I have bigger problems on my hand. So please get a good name for our Daughter :-) Love ya both :-)

Kannada Barutha?

“Kannada Barutha??”, ah! I am sure most of you in Bangalore would have heard this, but what is “kannada barutha?” here it goes. Bangalore the IT capital of India , the silicon city and now a Metro city opened its gates to almost all kinds of people. Very evidently the recent poll census proved that there are only 47% of original inhabitants in Bangalore/bengaluru. The life style of the city has seen a gradual change with Pizza Corners replacing MTR’s, classy eat out’s replacing “Vidyarthi Bhavans” and flashy pub’s replacing all our “Mahalakshmi wine shops”.

“Change is inevitable” from the days of BEML, HAL and BHEL to INFOSYS, WIPRO; Bangalore has a new look now on the world map. Gone are the days where a typical Sunday for any bangalorean was a nice romantic walk on the pavements of “LALBAGH...”, “rave idli and coffee..” at the nearest yet old looking MTR and a wonderful Annavra film either at Santosh or central ‘talkies’. Today’s Bangalore is deluged in traffic, stress and pressure, Saturday nights without beer is desolate and a Sunday without a visit to either a nearest spa or health clinic is schlocky!! The gandhibazar’s are now AC cooled super markets, majestic is now replaced by ultra modern and diversified Brigade road, sri Cauvery coffee joint is now Coffee days.. and “Bhagyalakshmi coffee adda.. is now barista. With globalization and more retail market the city will definitely see more forceful changes.

Have all these changed our language? Kannada the local language of Bangalore is supposed to be one of the most meaningful language, it also has an unique script as compared to its other counterparts; but how many percentage of people really use Kannada in Bangalore now? The figures are staggering, only 37% of people speak kannada in the state’s capital, for rest it is only “Kannada barutha?”

Any normal guy starts with this sentence “Kannada barutha?” while talking to other person, people confirm before they speak the language. You want to ask an address in Bangalore ? Or reply to a question then English is the most preferred language other than Hindi. It’s a famous fact that two kannidagas in an IT company always talk in a neutral language!! even the vendors and shop keepers are channeled with this new wave, the moment when you step in any shop in Bangalore , you are always asked “Kannada barutha?” or the entire conversation takes place in non kannada languages. People have lost the confidence of speaking in the local language and more over speaking Kannada on the streets of “M.G road “or “kormangala” is substandard.

Shopping malls in the city have been completely banned from using Kannada, not a forced one but definitely an adapted one. One has to confirm that the other person knows the language before he starts using any language. “ondu glass beer” is a insult when it comes to any decorous pub in Bangalore .  “Swalpa menu card kodthira..??” has been replaced by “Can I have the menu card pls…?”

Just to hit some facts, Marathi is still the largest and common speaking language in Mumbai even though Mumbai has the highest no of inhabitants. Telgue is a practiced ritual in yet another IT HUB Hyderabad . When it comes to Tamil nadu, beware you can be alive either if you are a fan of rajnikanth or you know Tamil. Malayalam runs in the blood of every mallu be it Kuwait , Dubai or any hospital; but when it comes to kannada it is always “kannada barutha?” and next is “namaskara.” 

I am not a Kannada activist neither I run any Kannada supporting organization, I am just a plebeian who just love the language. Globalization is the trend and modernization is the mantra but at the cost the language? Sounds no logic.. is speaking kannada down market? The answer has to be found within oneself. Next time when you hear “kannada barutha?” you just remember that “kannada runs in your blood..”

How true!!!


No words to describe :-)  


Simple yet powerful

If GOD is great, MOTHER is the greatest of all!!!!

Engineer's Day

“An Engineer’s first problem in any design situation is to discover what the problem really is.”

Engineering is The creative application of scientific principles to design or develop structures, machines, apparatus, or manufacturing processes, or works utilizing them singly or in combination; or to construct or operate the same with full cognizance of their design; or to forecast their behavior under specific operating conditions; all as respects an intended function, economics of operation and safety to life and property.

I take the vision which comes from dreams
and apply the magic of science and mathematics,
adding the heritage of my profession
and my knowledge of nature's materials
to create a design.
I organize the efforts and skills of my fellow workers
employing the capital of the thrifty
and the products of many industries,
and together we work toward our goal
undaunted by hazards and obstacles.
And when we have completed our task
all can see
that the dreams and plans have materialized
for the comfort and welfare of all.
I am an Engineer
I serve mankind
by making dreams come true.

- Sir M Visveswaraiah

What's in a name?


The Shakespearean saying goes - " What's in a name? A rose is a rose is a rose call it by any other name". But what he wouldn't know is naming his kid, if he were to be an Indian.

Consider these protocols

1. The name should be based on the Astrology

2. The name should have odd number of phonetics - 1, 3, 5

3. It should start with the astrological symbol and end with the sound "ee"

4. It should be simple enough to be short and sweet

5. It would be an added advantage if the name represents any goddess name .

The hunt is on now, i think finding a kid's name is a huge 9 months project and the complexity grows because you will never  know the gender soon.

Happy Hunting !!!!

Hectic Day

I rushed from Mysore on Friday to be in Bangalore by afternoon. I just needed some sleep before i could pick my parent up from BIAL. They were coming back from their mini world tour :-)

All through my drive back home, i had the lil one's though running. I guess i will have to get used to this. 

Tomorrow, i will be driving my parent to Mysore, so that they catch a glimpse of their grand daughter ;-)

I am enjoying the long drives , excited that my parent are back and seeing my daughter would just be the icing on the cake.

Lucky lil one


So far, my daughter has been real lucky for me.  I am not sure if its by co-incidence or otherwise, but i still prefer to call her lucky for me.

There were a few positive things that happened to me & family after her birth, so i know for sure now that she is a lucky charm for me....

We got home from hospital today and since today being the 5th day , we had some pooja's @ home for the kid. MIL asked me to pick up some items from market. The names of these items were real funny and unique. Any takers for  - "BIBA" :-)

Paternity leave


I feel proud. Proud because i have now availed the paternity leave of 5 days. I was just wondering, how would ppl know if you really went on paternity leave :-) Just kidding, probably there are 100 ways to figure out if you really are "DAD".

So while i am on paternity leave and watching my lil one sleep. Just wondering what the future is in store for her:-) Yeah, i know i being a real "DAD" already....

Gifts & Items

I don't believe this. Parent's went to US & UK with only 2 bags and when they come back they have 6 bags. And my mom reasons that she left all her clothes back in US.

I am waiting for them to unload the bags so that i can catch a glimpse of their world treasure:-)

Well, no surprises - gifts for family and friends..... This is gonna be fun esp when they get 2 bags full of kid's stuff for their grandchild :-)

Days in Hospital


Day's in hospital can get boring. Trust me. I have been through that. Consider this case.

1.Your wife is on bed sleeping after a heavy dose of anesthesia

2. Worse, if the doc has advised the patient not to talk

3.Your new born kid is always sleeping

4. The TV in the room has only those channels which you never watch

5. The novel you always carry around as a backup is misplaced

6. The newspaper you brought in to read has been borrowed by the duty doctor

7.No one else in the room

8. Your cell phone is half dead & your SMS does not reach out

9. You can't open the window, for fear of dust

10. You can;t switch on AC, for fear of making the room "cold" for baby

To top it all, you can't leave them alone and walk out of room for a breath of fresh air.....It can;t get crazier than this :-)

Blessed with an Angel


Yeah, you heard it right. We are now proud parents of a lil angel who has joined our family. Everyone is thrilled and delighted.

It's been first baby girl in our family considering my sis has two baby boys :-). The cutie pie is sleeping while i am blogging.

Earlier on i had my own moments. 9 mins of mixed reactions. I can now on behalf of all dad's tell that if mom's gestate for 9 months, we encompass a certain feeling of that 9 months in 9 mins esp when they are in OT. There is no way i can describe that feeling( if it was that simple, would'nt i blog about it?)

You never have a choice with docs, do you? After 8 hrs of labour pain, the doc advised for a C-Section. I could not deny.

Well all's well that ends well. At 5.14 pm our baby was born weighing 2.8 Kgs :-)

Night Out


Phew!!! It was a virtual night out for me and wifey. Wifey could not sleep and would not allow me to sleep either.I am not sure if it's the pain or excitement that's keeping her awake. But one thing for sure i know is, we are both eyeing the computer. She for chatting with her friends in US and me for updating the blog:-) Any guesses who won? Well, i am not that bad, i took hold of the computer after she was done.

It was our first real night out - we talked about a variety of things we did in our married life... Very nostalgic. IMHO i think everyone needs to get nostalgic every now and then :-). MIL woke up a couple of times to check on us, but she retired to bed as easily as she woke up. The excitement was nearing.....

Chrome is here

While i am blogging, Chrome - the wonder browser from Google has been launched.

You can download it from HERE

I just installed a copy and evaluating. Maybe some time later i will write a review on that.

Nervous Moments

I had my moments when wifey called to tell me that her D day was nearing and the doc advised her to admit soon. I am sure wifey would have been more thrilled than me, After her wait for 9 months was round the corner. As I wound up my office work and planned to leave early, i could feel my stomach turning inside out. It was a mixed feeling...

Many thoughts gushed to my mind, and i had to carefully brush aside a few though they seemed very practical. Reached home in a jiffy and packed all my things in a hurry. I wanted to be there when wifey delivers.

The normal 2.5 hrs drive to Mysore was like a long never ending drive for me. I just hope everything goes fine... Hope the lord is listening :-)