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Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)


Glad i spoke about this in my previous post. So the evangelists also think the same. Read it to believe it  - Nokia Trumps Iphone with smarter E 51

Here is my comparison chart


Nokia E 51

iPhone 3G

My remarks




Who uses this anyway. I really don’t care












Wow!! What’s that? I don’t use that






100 g

135 g

35g heavier


1070 mAh

1400 mAh

You must be kidding, the battery drains like tap water

Standby Time

312 h

300 h

kind off proved here right?


264 m

600 m

I completely disagree these stats








What crap!!!




But E51 can support multiple Exchanges








Guess what!!!, Iphone can establish BT with only audio device not any other phone. BS!!!




Iphone - Itunes to transfer




Like I care




3rd party apps ???

FM Radio



I don’t use it anyways




But no zoom in iphone. E51 provides 4X

Video Recording



hahah, premature cam in Iphone


2 inch

3.5 inch

This is the winning part




Hell, I can still touch my screen on E51

Internal Mem

130 MB


Even though Iphone comes in 8GB/16 GB, the internal memory alloted for apps is more or less equal to 50 MB



Iphone OS









But sadly if your boot loader is above 5.09 you are doomed

New possession - Iphone

Yeah, you heard it right!!! I now posses the Iphone. But not quietly for me, but for my Dad. Ran into a good bargain and got him an Iphone. Sadly, the newer models cannot be unlocked for him to use.I know there are plenty of reviews/comments about the iphone and i won;t bother giving you my copy paste version of this gadget. But I would like to summarize - a winning horse loaded with extra weight with no sense of direction. For those of whom it sounded like a riddle,

Wining horse : - you will never leave this gadget once you touch it

Extra weight : - Battery drains fast due to 3G, WiFi, large display and super UI

No sense of direction: Did not know which way to go - business way or entertainment way and in the process ended up losing on either front.

So with all these days of usage is only making me feel loyal towards my E 51. Right now the iphone is just doing only 50 % of what my E 51 does. Dad, here is my gift to you :-)


Running out of space

I am running out of disk space again. I don't really know if its data or metadata that's causing this issue. The real issue lies with me, i don't feel like deleting any data and add the phobia of losing my data coupled with laziness of not figuring out if i already backed up the stuff, I have been mounting data now. To come to think of it - every time my computer becomes obsolete , i retain the HDD. So in fact now i have - one 8GB, one 40 GB, two 80 GB, one 350 GB and one 500 GB.  I am not including the innumerable pen drives   & SD cards i have on purpose.  The result ? It was time to invest on a Terabyte Hard disk. Enough of GB disks :-). So i looked around and found a neat little Westren Digital with 7200 rpm and 8 mb buffer cache, i simply picked it up. So far , I am impressed by its performance. It does not have a fan or so, but its pretty quite in its work and i like the way the blue light lights up when in action. I ran a quick stress test - over night and so far the response has been good :-)


Space Needle

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of Seattle? Microsoft? Amazon? Rain? NO! It's the space needle.Do you know why? Because it's freaking awesome.
This is what i heard from a "Desi" and almost immediately i decided back of my mind, i am not gonna miss this place.
So this weekend, when the clouds cleared a bit and a little homework as to how to get there ( thanks - google maps) we were on for this place. It took us close to an hour to get to this place. So how do i rate it?

I'm tempted to give the Space Needle a 1 star rating, but that doesn't seem completely fair.The low rating is simply due to the entrance fee.$16 dollars for an adult to ride an elevator? Then listen to some obnoxious old lady's attempt at humor and Seattle history? We rode the elevator up, walked around, took a few pictures and were through within 20 minutes.Realised we paid more for a 20 minute stay. So we hoovered the place once again just to make sure we take every juice out of our money.

You have to kind of go there to be like, "Oh, I've been to the Space Needle." Nothing else. We backed out our way when we started feeling hungry. No way we were not paying $26 for a burger !!! While we made our way out, we stopped by to have some hot Pike's coffee which was very good or was it cheap? While there we watched a bunch of guys and gals who were all set and dressed for Halloween. Here are a few pics for you to see

IMG_0930 IMG_0932
IMG_0944 IMG_0933
IMG_0964 IMG_0966


I think the Vastu of my bedroom here is completely wrong. I haven't had a single night of good sleep. My best guess is the longest i would have slept is like an hour. That's dead serious for a guy like me who would miss a couple of lunches for sleep. And add to this, my wonderful team is doing every bit to help me not to sleep :-( . Yeah, like the other day , I got a call from one of my team members to confirm if I was sleeping as I was not online. Sweet !!!! Just give him a break.

I am no expert in Vastu  but to think i am sure  the issue lies in the larger scale maybe with the way the country is positioned :-)

The Forecast

It's getting colder and colder. It's no longer possible for me to flash my 6 packs.(ok, i am letting out a secret, i just bought a Turbo Jam DVD and looks like it's working). So my dream of being just an ordinary lass who is forced by outlaws to strip his shirt for protection of truth and upliftment  of down trodden and voila the public get to see my packs just shattered because of the cold :-) Its been raining on and off and I have no intention of getting wet in the rain. More so , the temperature drops to some awesome levels, causing my throat and eyes to water. I am starting to have a bad throat. While i am writing this, i am on my 8th hot coffee cup. Way to go Starbucks... i am going to make you rich., The forecast by the way for the week is overcast with rain :-) i wonder what means :-)

Desi Girl, Desi boy

Sometimes I wonder, is there any place et al where I can find no Desi's . Nah!!! I don't think so, because if I did and went there to really check, i would prove my theory wrong :-)

Anyway's, the point i am trying to make here is, my strong sense of observation just brought a startling discovery... I have seen no "Firangi" so far. Yeah.... hard to believe , but that's the way it is..The Desi's seem to be everywhere. Just that they are controlling their aggression in foreign land and trying to follow the rules here which they would break back home with pleasure.

The apartment where i live is ruled by Desi's , any resemblance to a "firangi" is purely fictional. Hey wait, the bus driver is an "Firangi" :-) . "This is India Shining"... A bus load of desi's being taken to work by a Firangi to work in a company in which 75 % are again Desis...