The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

Important day!!!

Ok, here i am at that very important day in my life where i will get all the attention. I am sure after this, no one would bother much. We are all excited.. the bus will be here any moment.....

All relatives, friends have gathered for the travel. Mysore is only a couple of hours drive and then my new story will start. Its quite some days i last saw her. Sometimes i even forget how she looks. hoping that no body will utilize this and swap her....:-) After this the most important night for me begins:-) Wish me luck and blessings :-)

Tight clothes

This is fun, before i left for US, i had done all my purchases for wedding. Now i come back and try them out. They are all loose fit. Hmn... i know i lost a lot of weight. But now i am with large size dresses for my wedding.....

So i immediately call my tailor and tell him what a fix i am in. The tailor is a good old friend of mine and he assures of the fix, with constraints:-(. anyways he know what situation i am in and he has taken all my new clothes with my correct sizes and promised to return after alteration. Hope things go on well. One more issue to add to the already tense me:-(


Happy B'day Mommy !!!!Oh my gosh!!! i am getting real scared now. I guess this is the case for all arranged marriages.I wonder how much more pressurized it is with the girl. Just got to know from Mom that 5 ladies would bathe me today as a part of a ritual... What the f*^*!!!!! what do you mean????

I an't going to stand naked in front of 5 random ladies and bathe, forget them bathing me.. pls.. you would understand if you were a guy... how on earth do i maintain composure??? Guys speak up now... And they call this function Haladivida in our community. I am not trying to ridicule any traditional thing.. but could not these guys think of something sensible??? Why 5 random old ladies... why not 5 known models:-) alright just kidding... So as a part of this ritual, first i will be made to sit with only a one piece cloth. Lucky i get to decide where that piece of cloth will cover me - upper or lower. I would go with lower, else no one would be around;-). Then all the ladies would come around and apply chandan/halad all over me, from top to bottom ( i hope they massage me well )and then after all the applying, they would bathe me and scrub off all the halad that was applied... Man!!! this is gonna get interesting. And guess what, after this i am not supposed to step out of house!!!! yeah , you heard that right... if i have to step out , then its on wedding day:-) I am still waiting to check what's in store for me... Give it to me baby!!
Give it to me baby!!! aha aha

My marriage invitation

Main Cover && Inside Cover

Today’s beautiful moments are tomorrow’s memories….

Auspicious and happiest will be those moments when you heartily bless us as a newly married couple…..

Please join us and share our joy as we begin a new life together on Thursday, 29th November 2007 at Mysore and Thursday , 6th December in Bangalore.

The attached card carries all the other info :-)



Due to paucity of time , i am unable to meet you and give the card in person, kindly treat this as personal invitation and make it to the occasion.

Marriage card

Just got back from SFO. More than anything it’s the excitement and the tension which controlled the entire travel. Now that I am back, I am running short of time for distributing the marriage invitation card…

Though the card was designed by me fiancĂ©e, but ultimately she lost her way as her parent decided to have it their wayL . Hope this does not become a lifetime actJ. Anyways my folks were alright with my design as it had a blend of both tradition and modernity. I am no design specialist, but tell you what I guess design runs through my blood;-) so I did not need special degrees to prove that;-) So here is the matter and description I designed. But I think what really took away its charm is the font I had initially used and the font that finally appeared on the card J .I had spent many sleepless nights and hours on phone( just an alibi) to have the correct matter, but did not turn out from what I expected. But all said and done , all’s well that end’s well. So now I am beginning to distribute the cards. Due to lack of time , I had already sent emails to all my friends. I hope everyone checks their email before the event and make it!!!! And for my blog readers , here is my invite

Transit at Hong Kong

Transit at Hong Kong, a bloody 9 hrs. This can get very painful if you desperately want to reach home and join the family in excitement. For info, Hong Kong International airport (HKIA) was called Chek Lap Kok Airport, due to the fact that it was built on the island of Chek Lap Kok by land reclamation, and also to distinguish it from the old Hong Kong Airport (Kai Tak)

HKIA operates 24/7 and in one of the busiest airport in the world. It has also got the world's best airport award as recently as this year. So there is no dearth of watching people and passing time. But mind you the pain point is in less than a week you are entering a milestone. The excitement coupled with tension forced me take the airport lounge coupon rather than choosing to visit Hong Kong, by taking a visitor visa. Maybe next time!!!! So i retired to the travelers lounge and its was very good. Unlimited food, unlimited drinks, Hot bath, Hi speed internet access and a good body massage if you want. I availed all of them except body massage :-). Did not want to enter into any scandals:-) you never know. So all day i sat browsing, clicking pics from my new canon poweshot A720 IS, viewing You tube videos, taking to pretty chinks and passing time, So here i am blogging my time until my flight for Bangkok arrives....
Ariel view of Hong kong airport , taken from Cathay pacific flight while landing ;-)

The baggage claim area pic was taken as panaromic stitch view assist feature of my new Canon A720 IS 8 Megapixel camera.

Hong Kong International Airport, Arrival Hall. To the right is the Airport Express station. The left is the main terminal

How dumb!!!

And that's the bay bridge... Friend looking dumbstruck..."WoW"... Does this bridge connect South america and north america ??" Duh!!! whatever. Dude you are in SFO!!!

I still can't believe that he is my replacement here, while i am on vacation.And the best part is i have 3 days to "train" him.Gimme a break!!! i am getting married , i am supposed to be in vacation mood, thanksgiving is round the corner.. and you want me to "train" him... Dude you must be joking.." You need to bring him up to your speed" hahahah nice joke.. how can i bring him up to my speed, he is nowhere close by to lend a hand... well my challenges never the by whats the scope:-)

New announcement

Look to your right on screen :-) you can see an announcement...It's true..

I am getting married, so i just put together a website for that ( nah!!! to lazy to look for a domain , register and put up a page).. So an old trick i always loved i employed.. Its just that now you have more power on internet...Just go HERE and if you are tech savy, you will figure it out... Incase you don;t and are interested.. leave a comment and i will respond... so long amigo...

Thought for the life!!!

Handle every situation like a dog.If you can't eat it or hump it, Piss on it and walk away......


Its under 3 weeks that i bought my Ipod Touch.. and guess what i have managed to Jailbreak it...The springbboard is now full of some nice neat apps and games. Whats with indians and tech???

Yesterday night, i was Jailbreaking my Ipod and my BIL was like - "Dude you sure you wanna blow $ 300 out? " and i was "Chill, lets see what happens" but ofcourse all the time i had my heart in my hand.. Jailbroke sucessfully and today the blooper happened - I just downloaded few songs and was trying to sync it and in the process, since all my songs were in the external HDD, i just lost them on my Ipod.. I guess i need to get back home and reload it.. But for now i am a happy man.... nah, not becasuse i jailbroke it, its more so because i had my client looking at my ipod and i could see him begging to do the same for him... For all you know, we might even get the project :-)

Have mercy

Yesterday i had a presentation to make. Mind you the presentation was made by some one else in india and i had to demo it. Bad luck , Got hammered,ripped, rapped and was finally shot @ point blank, and all this even before the presenation started and the 1st slide was up.. Do i need to continue??? What the heck

All alarams raised and guess what, after a gruellsome 2 hrs of ripping me apart in flesh and bones, the guys come to offer condolence.. Do you beleive that??? Hardly... this is a strange whacky place...I guess only the tough like me can bring such reforms :-)