The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)


0.999… is the same as 1. Not just very close, but precisely identical:

a = 0.999…
10a = 9.999…
10a - a = 9.999… - 0.999…
9a = 9
a = 1

There's no trick here. It's just a mathematical fact that most people find deeply counterintuitive.

North Karnataka Temples

Hornadu-->Sringeri-->Kollur-->Gokarna-->Murdeshwara-->Udupi-->Idgunji-->Annegudda-->Kateel-->Dharmasthala-->Kukke Subramania

Phew!!! that was october bonus for me. I was more like SharavanaKumar taking mom and dad to all places... a modern day ....

And i guess all gods and godesses have been extremely happy with my devotion.. I just got promoted :-)

Success usuallly comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it.

Back to Bangalore

All's well thats ends well.Just got back from trip.Catching up with all the emails and office work. This is going to take some time.
Again the comming weekend is planned for another temple tour of north karnataka... whats up with me??? i am off to lot of temples... who cares, shankaracharya renounced the world at age 8, can;'t i at 27 :-)

Mushy's Book - Unabridged :-)

This was funny!!! I read some excerpts that was put up in TOI & some forum's.. and i felt the book should be aptly titled .."In the line of LIAR" :-) He is definetly shaping up as Khushwant Singh of Pakistan..

Mush : On the Agra summit failure "There is the man and there is the moment. When man and moment meet history is made. Vajpayee failed to grasp the moment and lost his moment in history"
No Mr Mush,the moment was not Agra it was Amristar - when that old man boarded a bus to Lahore. It was Mrs Gandhi and the moment was Shimla. It was Nehru and the moment was Kashmir... if u don;t know what i am talking... try revising your history..

Mush : says, India obtained its Nuclear centrifuge and some of its missile technology from Pakistan through A Q Khan's dudes in Dubai.
Yes Mr Mush,personally I remember Indians returning home from Dubai carrying little neutron devices and detonators in VIP suitcases.
You know what, the authour of Indian bomb programme and Pak bomb programme reside in New Delhi,the capital of India. The first one resides in Rashtrapati Bhavan, the second one is a India Today reporter who on an overdose of ecstasy, wrote you guys had a nuclear bomb ( someone in Pakistan read the article and then you guys started claiming you had THE BOMB )Bottomline is YOU DONT HAVE THE BOMB (You want one ? We'll drop one over Karachi)...

We dont mind a Ibrahim,Dawood smuggling gold from Dubai - at times we adore his style but he'll pay for the two fifty seven dead in Bombay '93.
We dont mind a Prabhakaran,Velupillai playing a tiger or a lion for his brothers - at times we sympathize with his cause but he'll pay for our youthful leader's life he took in May '91.
We dont mind a Musharaff,Pervez writing an autobiography - at times we make it a best seller but he'll pay for the five hundred and twenty two young men dead in Kargil '99.
So make merry - now you have a best sellerthis time its for you :-)

"The strongest is not the one who always wins but the one who stands back up after great fall"

Pilani Pics :-)

I Failed to take my digicam to Pilani and was just left with my Mobile camera. Though the pics have not come out soooo well.... i would still blame the climate.... :-)These two pics - one overlooking the museum & main BITS building and the Saraswati temple are worth seeing...

Delhi or New Delhi!!!

Getting into delhi from Pilani was a good feeling. Mom and Dad were just back from Hrishikesh and Haridwar while i was in Pilani.How i wish i joined them.After that we planned a trip to Mathura, Vrindavan, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri and Akshardhama. All other monuments like India Gate, Qutub minar, Lotus temple etc i covered while travelling to these places.Mathura and Vrindavan were very good and infact the Krishna Janma bhoomi ( the prison in which Krishna was born) was very enchanting. I was spellbound and i could feel some vibrations in that place. Also the madhuban wasa very good.I sometimes wonder, did Krishna really exist? Well i am onto some soul searching in spirutality now.Taj was spectacular but only from outside. It was damn hot when we reached there and the place smelled crazy. I just walked away. I had a suggestion to india Gov, pls increase the entrance fee for foreigners from $ 50 to $100. they would anyways pay that much and to see one of the wonders of the world.Also encourage research which claims that Taj was not built by Shah Jahan but was a ancient vedic temple of Shiva.Fathepur sikri was good with its forts and spirits looming. I think i will upload some pics.

There you go:-)

ViVa Voce Day!!!

Got up early and got ready to face the Viva. We were given maps and instructions on how to reach the classroom for the session from the Dean.Yeas, map is a must as the Pilani campus is huge and you can easily get lost if you are new.Once we reached the classroom, The Dean a nice man talked to us and gave us a history about BITS and spoke about many other things. After that we were scheduled our VIVA sessions and asked to meet the examiner.What happened after this - i finished my VIVA in just 10 mins. I harldy got to show him my slides and the examiner was more than busy.I was really pissed off, but did not want to upset the examinar.So just walked off. Later i learnt that this examiner had done the same to others as well.Kinda relieved. FOr the good or bad... I finished my exams and i was to be certified as MS :-) That gives a sense of pride, especially if a deemed university like BITS confers that.Anyways i was done with that, and while i thought about the ardous return jouney backt to Delhi. One of my friends offered me a ride in thier car.It was pleasure drive and we reached delhi in 4.5 hours.
Now i am just waiting for my Transcripts and final degree certificate:-)

Journey to Pilani - 2

Its quite some time i conlcuded this. There are lots of things in my mind which i feel should get penned down, but unfortunately i get all these ideas when i do not have any gizmo around me :-)
So.... I reached Delhi safely, thanks to the pilot.Dad was waiting at the airport along with the driver.We got into the Innova and they dropped me at the ISBT. Man!!! you should visit ISBT;now i know where the dengue starts.The place sucks with all pan spitting, houseflies, mosquitoes and what not.Not to mention how much it stinks.On enquiring i found that i still had a few hours before the bus to Pilani departs, so i made myself comfy in the MacDonald that was nearby.
After painstaking timepassing, i got into the bus that was headed towards Pilani. This ardous journey is something that no BITSAA can forget. The 6.5 hrs of journey made me think of evry god i was aware off.The driver was a pro..if only he had a Ferrari (forget the road condition) he would completed all laps even before schumi wud have done half.He ripped like a maniac and cursing anyone and everyone. Man Haryana transport is one hell of a transport company and thier recruits are worth mentioning.I did make a couple of friends who were also headed to Pilani, but i am sure all were also immersed in the same thoughts.FInally reached pilani at 8:00pm and made our way to VFAST hostel.The place made me feel great and i forgot all about the dreadfull journey.The room was awesome and i was surprised to find it was AC.The food served there was of top quality and everyone relished it.
Hoping that the Viva would be easy we went to bed.

Journey to Pilani - 1

Dad left to Delhi a couple of days earlier so that he could pack of some work before we arrived. Ah yes, we were off to Delhi. Well, I had my MS final exam - the Viva & demo which had to be presented in Pilani.
Our flight was scheduled at 6.40 am and the excitement began a day before , as dad kept calling me every now and then reminding me of the Do's and Don'ts. It's really annoying when someone does that and my dad's an expert:-) And gosh.. the pressure got the better of me and i kind of forgot to book the cab :-) Thanks Mom!! The MS is for U.
So we get our baggage and barge the airport and end up on time for the flight.WoW!!! Kingfisher, Mr.Mallya you sure do have a taste. The hostess and attenders were sooo desirable.All i could do was signal my mom to look for a hostess for me and it better be Kingfisher brand. Hostess kept me busy with a lot of stuff and in the end i had to fill the feedback form( dirty mind... i know what you are thinking :-) )

And now my mind wanders into the sky - red dressed , professionally polite and full of empathy beauties...It's so easy for girls to fake :-) and not to mention how a little makeup can change them so much :-)

What happened next??? did i reach delhi ??? or......

Sania Mirza or Maniac Sania!!!

The quarter-final loss to lower ranked Olga Poutchkova of Russia at the Tashkent Open brought another plunge in Sania Mirza's ranking as she dropped six places to be 61st on the latest WTA world rankings.
The other day as expected Martina Hingis won the SunFeast Open; as expected Hingis met Sania in the SemiFinal of the Open; and again, as expected the Swiss Miss defeated the Indian tennis star in that match. Defeated did I say? The word should actually be drubbed, clobbered,routed,humiliated - for once, the scoreline (6-1, 6-0) exactly indicated how the match went - absolutely lopsided; Sania had no answers to Hingis' graceful strokes, while Sania's famous "powerful" shots were totally out of control.

Yes, everybody has a bad day, but then a great athlete will pull oneself out of the abyss and try to scale the peak again. One hasn't seen Sania do this in a long long time and the next time she opines that it is "humanly impossible to perform at the same level every year", one should just ask her to look across the net at the likes of Martina Hingis - the comeback star of the year - or at the other Martina who turned pro years before Sania was even born and who recently announced her retirement after winning her nth grand slam title!

Same time last year, Sania was at the peak of her career and much admired.She truly was the icon of many a youngster in this country, symbolic of what we Indians can achieve if we really wish to do so. She was brazen, intrepid, dauntless and irreverent - the future face of India. Despite what she showed she could achieve, I do believe that the welcome she got on her return home was uncalled for - she wasn't yet a champion, not even close, having just started on a grueling, arduous journey on the road towards becoming one, someday probably. And Sania should have known this - but she revelled in the accolade, the adulation and the laurels, and started to believe she was worthy of it, that she has indeed reached the top, scaled the peak.

When she was awarded the Padmashree last year, I remember asking hubby, an ardent sports fan, if she really deserved it. To me, it seemed to come way too early in her career. The criteria to get a Padmashree award is defined as "excellence in their field". When did one decently good year translate to "excellence" in one's field? One cannot expect a child just learning to take his/her first steps to run - it has to be taken one step at a time, stumbling and getting up again, first with help and than without, getting a footing first and then finally taking a leap. Even if you do race down the track on your first outing, you would need to step back and evaluate your performance, so that the first race doesn't become the last one. But for some reason the powers that be decided that Sania was worth a "Padma" award.

This premature "recognition" of her "greatness" also seems to have gone to Sania's head. She has fallen a couple of notches down from the peak she presumed she had scaled last year, yet her head seems to be still stuck somewhere in the clouds above. I know she is indeed a role model for a lot of youngsters in the country today, and she has an an implicit social responsibility. But it still doesn't warrant her saying , "An `if or but' from my lips can create a national crisis''. I know she is young, and probably doesn't realize the enormity of those words, yet the same social responsibility that she is referring to requires her to think and act more sensibly, isn't it? The conceit in her tone and the speech, I am sure, isn't really lost nor is it actually condonable.

Success doesn't come easy. And it doesn't sit easy on anyone's head. Sania has the game, and has the power in her shots - but she is no way close to being a winner, a real champion. Yes, she is not even 20, but then so is Maria Sharapova and the distance between them is apparent - both on and off the courts. In this sports-personalities-starved nation it is easy to become someone the public reveres, but that doesn't necessarily make one a winner. Victory of any kind has to be won, gotten by a lot of sweat, strength of will and hardness of heart; not to forget extreme decency and dignity and sensibility.

Sania, you have a long way to go and it would help you as well as the millions who idolize you if the focus was indeed on the path ahead. You need role models? Look around you, they are all there - from Pete Sampras to Steffi Graf to Federer.

"Are we weaving the future on the loom of today ??"

Gandhigiri Rocks !!!

I saw Lage Rahoo Munna Bhai again today. This was my second time. Not that i din understand the first time :-) but because i liked the "Gandhigiri" concept :-) opposite of "Dadagiri". With Oct 2 tomorrow, the "Mahatma" feels alive.Gandhi. Poora naam, ‘Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’. Munnabhai, the cult Indian movie has injected a dose of Gandhigiri in our country. A nation of billion people is bombarded with news from all media vehicles on how Gandhigiri rocks in today’s world of deception. Gandhi had moved a nation to action through his out of the box style of protests against the British non-violence and integrity being his weapons of choice. Munnabhai relives Gandhian philosophy in the 21st Century. Kudo's to the makers to the movie, who are driving this, rather than having the lead guy do super human efforts to save the country :-)
And look what i bumped into The official Gandhigiri Website :-) have fun Gandhigiri ROCKS!!!

"Victory attained by violence is tantamount to a defeat, for it is momentary".
Mahatma Gandhi, 'Satyagraha Leaflet No. 13,' May 3, 1919