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Hindu Teaching

There are hundreds of paths up the mountain,
all leading in the same direction,
so it doesn't matter which path you take.
The only one wasting time is the one
who runs around and around the mountain,
telling everyone that his or her path is wrong.

-------- Hindu teaching

Google Vs Microsoft

I thought this is funny. You might enjoy this


Day 10

I think the travel to  HGB yesterday has induced fatigue amongst us. So we decided to chill at our home.I stayed back and caught up the 3rd test match between Aus - South Africa.  It was a good Day 1 for SA. Looks like they are on their way for a whitewash. Towards evening we heeded straight to Planet X . This joint is very popular amongst teens because they have food, games and nice garden to hang out. There is bowling , carting and video games for the game enthusiast.  We had left the little one behind at home as she was sleeping and hoped to get back before she wakes up. We caught up with bowling and carting. It was fun, Just before we could catch up with other games, we got a call that the little was up and was missing her mom :-( so we had to rush back for the little one :-) And by the way , i hit a clean strike X on my 2nd shot itself :-)

IMG_2156 IMG_2152

Day 9

Executing the plan with the little one is quite tiresome. Especially if it involves leaving home in the morning. We planned to leave home by 7 am to reach Himvad Gopalswamy betta and on the way back reach Nanjangud. But unfortunately by the time everyone( including the little one) got ready , it was around 8.30 am and we decided have to our breakfast in Mysore itself as we were aware that we wont get any stuff in betta. We had our breakfast at the GTR( Gayathri Tiffin room) which during the last decade was a hot joint for breakfast, especially with the people who used to walk upto Chamundi Hills.

After our quick breakfast we made ourselves ready to Himvad Gopalswamy Betta(HGB). To reach HGB you need to take the Nanjangud road and go further to Gundulpet. From Gundlupet its around 10kms to reach the foot hill of HGB. Once you reach the arch , you need to go another 8 kms before you hit the peak. The road from Gundlupet to HGB is pathetic, narrow and dusty. The last 8 kms to the peak is very very steep, I could only drive in 2nd gear. Once on the peak you will forget all the pains, this i can assure. Its so beautiful. Add to this the temple, it only makes it better. There are many scenic spots you can visit here.

The place is called Himvad because any time you go this place it is always covered with mist. There are a series of 6 hills here, this being the 6th and this is the one which is always covered with mist. On top of this hill, you have Gopal swamy temple. The priest is kind enough to always tell you the story of this HGB :-)

IMG_2175 IMG_2186
IMG_2190 IMG_2183

Day 8

Today we embarked on a small town called SriRangapatana. This historic town has got the reputation of being Tipu Sultan's hideout during the British rule.

We packed the little one and visited this small village in Srirangapatana called Ganjam. Ganjam is famous for - Nimishamba Temple, Sangama & Gosya Ghatta along with the Gumbaz and Daria Daulat.

We first visited the Nimishamba temple. Its on the banks of the Cauvery river. Legend has that this deity has the power to grant wishes to her worshippers in a matter of a minutes. In kannada "nimisha" means "minute".  This power of the deity has many people visiting. Unfortunately photography is prohibited here. You can reach Nimishamba - In case you are traveling to Mysore from Bangalore, you will need to take a left in the Srirangapatna circle. A couple of kms drive and then you will enter a village called Ganjam. You can ask any one there. The people are friendly :-) Just check out the below pic of Nimishamba on the banks of cauvery river


Our next stop, was the Sangama, where there is a confluence of 3 rivers. People come here for a variety  of reasons - for performing the last rites, as a picnic , for a holy dip etc. The entrance fee for cars here is 20 bucks, but sadly the state of this place is very bad. It's not maintained properly and also very very dirty. You can avoid the place, unless you are sure you need to be there for the holy dip of course.

We then moved to Gosya gatta. This is neat place simply because there are many movie shootings that have taken place here. There is Kashi Viswanatha temple here along the banks of the river. Its very beautiful and serene.


After this we went to Sri Ranganatha swamy temple in Srirangapatna to wind up the day. All in all, new day of the new year was spent visiting temples :-)