The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

Old habits die hard

Yes i do remember, some time back i blogged here on how i was excited of going to GYM and trying hard to be regular. But now i am very proud :-) why? coz i have got to old habits of not being regular at anything... I think this is a real old habit and dates to my class 11th . The last time i was regular to class was in 10th.

I hardly attended the classes in 11th ( courtesy World Cup cricket). To think about it I even got a telegram from college for being irregular and my name being struck out of rolls and that i would neeed to take the exams as a private student. Just imagine my father's face when he saw that telegram and by the by, my boss is an ex-army dude. The saga continued into 12th. And just when i thought i shuld end this, engineering happened.Who goes to engg college to learn from a bunch of dolts who could not make it into the world and happen to be there because of thier bad luck :-).So i flushed 4 years in drain and spending time in canteen, TOM's ( Temple of movies),library ( not for studying) and ofcourse hostel rooms :-). Then tried to be regular atleast for my Masters - fell thud- did not attend a single contact class, not a single online class and yes i still haven't opened the answer scripts that were sent to me after evaluation( always believed that i got more than i deserved). So hold it there, as i am not regular to office also :-) and try to work from home when ever possible. So what's new???? I just joined YOGA ;-)