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6 sixes in an over

First there was Sir. Gary Sobers, then it was Ravi Shastri. Well before you tell me its Gibbs now. I beg to differ.It was the summer of '2k. We were back for semester holidays.

Thats when we decided that we kick off our cricket practice. Mind you we really had a good team and won many tournaments. And offcourse we played daily at our park. Sometime bet on money.I can list the various kinds of betting but i am here to tell you that 6 sixes in an over, is a feat which i achieved during that time. Anil , our team's fastest bowler had a brawl with me, that he has learnt the art of reverse swing. I was not convinced.So he challenged me and i accepted that.While he rolled his arms over, i freed my arms. All 6 balls, i struck 6 sixes continuously each better than the previous one.Everyone looked in awe, just like when Gibbs was belting. But i would still consider, my effort better than him - simply because all my sixes were straight ones. Atleast Gibbs had the option of belting the sixes anywhere!!! Does this make me the best???