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Dew Drops

Dew drops is a new hotel on platform road , Sheshadripuram. This one was recommended by Dad and we thought we will evaluate this hotel today. Being Sunday,  I figured out it would be crowded and called the hotel to place a booking. The receptionist was a jovial person. We then reached the hotel to find out that they have valet parking. Pleasant surprise as parking in Bangalore beats the crap out of me.

Dew Drops comprised of 2 hotels – one a 24/7 coffee shop called Blue Neil and other a pure vegetarian hotel called Golden Metro. Golden Metro is so called because the ambience inside this hotel is like a train bogie.  It’s like a Metro rail. Anyways there was not much crowd and we we could choose our place. They served Apple Juice as a part of welcome drink . We ordered ala carte. The service was quick and the food was tasty. Gunchi cheese balls in spinach gravy & Golden metro biryani were lip smacking . It was not all that pricey. For a 6 person party it came up to 1.3 K including tips :-) So if you are in a mood to get a railway ambience and some decent tasty food , just head to Dew Drops.