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Boy steals Rs 8 lakh from dad, buys car in driver's name

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Gone are the days when children used to pocket coins from their father’s wallets to buy candies. With changing times and aspirations, as well as peer pressure, the amounts stealthily pocketed are getting larger and, of course, candies are no longer what children want.
Recently, a rich businessman’s son, a plus-one student, stole Rs 8 lakh from his home in Anna Nagar and purchased a car in the name of his father’s driver. It was the driver who finally blurted out the truth, and the family ended up with egg on its face.
The businessman, who kept large amounts of money at home, found Rs 8 lakh missing from the locker. There was no sign of a burglary, but he preferred a police complaint.
Investigations revealed that the driver had purchased a new car, and he was taken into custody. When police grilled him, he revealed the truth — his employer’s son had stolen the money to purchase the car, which was registered in the driver’s name. The shocked businessman then requested the police to drop the case.
Sources told TOI that the boy had stolen the money a few weeks ago, but his parents learnt about it only last week. “They seemed to have kept a lot of cash at home. The boy took the money to purchase a Swift Dzire car. He used the vehicle to go partying with his friends and for long drives. He would park the car by the roadside to prevent his parents from noticing it,” a police official said.
When we questioned the boy, he said many of his classmates drove posh cars and that they all had girlfriends. It was to attract female attention that he stole the money to purchase the car. Since he was not old enough to get a driving license, he knew his parents would not get him a car. So, he took the easy way out,” the official added

I can;t believe the boy bought a Dzire :-)Atleast he could have bought a Punto, I20 or IKON :-)