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Devigiri Estate

The night was so cold that i hardly got any sleep. I literally had 2 pairs of pants on. Damnn.. the whole night i was thinking about my warm cozy bed in bengaluru. Always an experience. I felt better when i started to think about wifey. Wifey cannot even sustain the bangalore cold.This very thought of wifey going through this cold made me warm ( ok, this is my alter ego) . So finally when the day dawned and i stepped outside the tent – i was flabbergasted. This place was awesome. When i can came in last night, there was nothing i could see, but now this was a beauty. The bold hills, the greenery, the estate , the house – simply fantastic. 

My lil one woke up and she was thrilled. All the open spaces and trees, made her jump in delight. There were lot of sports that we could play and boy my lil one never felt better.

The host also offered us some great traditional food which was very tasty. All we did was eat and play.

The uncle was kind enough to give us a tour of their 50 acre estate and showed us some beautiful viewpoints , including a 360 degree view point. He showed us all the trees and plants that were being grown in his estate. He showed plants that were of medicinal value and how eco- friendly his estate was. I must give full credit to thier family who have taken the extra effort for making this happen. Also all the food made here is organic.

SInce their family is already well off and this they were doing as a passion, they have no fixed check in and check out times. The food is prepared based on your liking which is very good. Devigiri estate definitely gives you the warmth which no other estate/homestay would give.

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