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MCE Memoirs

The famous college and it’s surroundings. I am quite sure that if I tell people that i graduated from MCE – Malnad College of Engineering ( esp 2001 batch), people will think dirty.  Just like i say - “Great minds think alike and dirty minds seldom differ ;-) “

I really don;t blame them , but there are also a lot of positives they can think of though :-) Anyways that’s history and the stuff the college is made up off. So after a 9 yr gap, i got to go back to college ( just like the 3 idiots opening scene) for a close friend of mine( who also happens to be a MCE alumni). So we were there in all glory to honor the college and have a look at our hostel and the regular “addas”. I must say we were pretty impressed with the number of changes that’s gone in there. The place looks even more greener and friendlier now. A picturesque view for you

mce colle
Hostel Hostel hallway
adda TV room
hostel garden mess
grounds library