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D Day!!!

I called the sales executive and confirmed that the car is ready. Reached there by 10am. Car was being washed. It was ready by 10.30 am.Meanwhile i got busy with the paper works. My lil one was with her granddad pointing to linea and checking out its features. Meanwhile wifey was clicking some pics
The staff were courteous and was pleasant to deal with.They gifted us a box of pooja items & chocolates. I had no time for having the functionalities explained as i wanted to get the Car baptized. We drove away from there to the temple and had the rituals performed. Unfortunately the pooja items they gave very very basic and depilated, So i had to buy newer items. After that we came back home and I tried to fit the car in my garage, but the fear fo scrapping the car, i parked it out and then after lunch went back to Prerana.The Service engineer explained all basic functionalities.
I found that the plastic near the driver's seat was not polished and asked the service engineer to polish it. Unfortunately some moron applied some other white liquid which stained the plastic instead of polishing. They then had a tough time getting that strain out and bring it back to normal.
Finally , like they say, all izz well if it ends well. I happily drove back my beauty home.