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Life Lessons – v 31.0 ( Part 1)

Last month I celebrated my birthday, exactly on the same day as today . Co- incidence had it that , there was another party ( for a different reason) and my occasion got coupled with that. Needless to say that this was my grandest birthday. Never in my life had i had such a reception. So I sat down to ruminate the first 31 “life lessons” that came to my mind :-)

1. As a child, I never once worried about food, water, shelter, or love.  I was never once abused or neglected.  I got everything I needed and most of what I wanted.  Both my parents were (and still are) hard-working, supportive, and have great values.  The older I get, the more I realize how insanely fortunate this makes me

2. Saying “no” politely is far better than saying a half-assed “yes”. Learning to respectfully and politely say “no” is one of the skills I desire most. Especially in the online world, I tend to want to say yes to everything.  There are so many amazing people, opportunities, projects, and feedback.  It’s all right here, right now.  But, I’ve been saying “yes” and then completely letting people down way too much recently.  It’s not a matter of being “busy” or “important”.  Everyone is busy and important.  It’s a matter of really being to knock  the projects I can do.  I want to either give 110% or 0%.  I want to learn to say “no” in a way people enjoy.

3. There will always be haters. No matter what you do or how much you give, there will always be haters.  I’m making a pledge to rid my life (and my online world) of any consistently negative, non-constructive forces.  If you want to hate… go get your reaction someplace else.

4. You can do anything you want.  No seriously… you can literally do anything. As kids, we are always told this, but most of us dismiss it as crap.  It’s not.  In the last year, I’ve really come to terms with this.  I can literally do whatever I want.  Some of that is confidence and some of it comes from just having my eyes opened recently :-)