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ION pump for Microchips

This is truly going to change the computing industry .. especially for server farms.
It's awesome .. kind of like the thermoelectric coolers. The temp gradient is pretty impressive .. i wonder how they are going to fix the condensation problem also the comment at the bottom about the pump being able to get clogged seemed interesting ... i do wonder about it.
The device, which uses an electrical charge to create a cooling air jet right at the surface of the chip, could be critical to advancing computer technology because future chips will be smaller, more tightly packed and are likely to run hotter than today's chips. As a result, tomorrow's computers will need cooling systems far more efficient than the fans and heat sinks that are used today.

"With this pump, we are able to integrate the entire cooling system right onto a chip," said Alexander Mamishev, associate professor of electrical engineering and principal investigator on the project. "That allows for cooling in applications and spaces where it just wasn't realistic to do before."

Source: Tiny ion pump sets new standard in cooling hot computer microchips

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