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Regrettable outing

My Dad's brother in law made a trip to India and because my dad can't drive long, he asked me to be their chauffeur during their stay. I reluctantly agreed as he would be here only for a few days and also he would be our guest.

For the weekend we decided on a trip to Mysore. The itinerary was  - Bangalore --> Kokre Bellur ( Birds sanctuary) --> Sri Rangapatinam (Gosya Ghatta, Dariya Daulat , Gumbaz & Sangama) --> Ranganathitu(Another Bird's sanctuary)--> Mysore( Palace, Brindavan Garden)

Well for a start it looked pretty decent, but things got worse when dad started to treat me like a real chauffeur :-(. While on the mysore road, our AC in the car stopped functioning and we all had to sweat in the heat. En route we  stopped by Mac Donald's to have a quick grab. As we were driving, we overshot the first location ( kokre bellur) and was on the way to Mandya. I quickly realized that we had overshot. I pulled over to the side to make an enquiry as to where exactly Kokre Bellur was. This is where the unfortunate incident happened. My car was stationed for more than 3 ~ 4 min and it was a straight stretch of road with no curves. It was bright and sunny and there is no way anyone can miss the car. It was then, two guys came speeding on a bike and rammed straight into my car. For a minute i thought the bike driver was off, he laid unconscious for a few minutes, till i poured some water on him. Then started the ordeal as to who was right and wrong. Even thought it was the bike driver's fault, the mob mentality is to always support the lower vehicle :-( in this case it was the bike. Long heated discusions led to many things and in the end i ended up paying 1 K on "humanitarian grounds" as hospital expenses. I am sure that guy would have broken a couple of tooth and some bruises on his leg. But that was the only way out.

Glad it ended that way, and was fortunate that it was only a bike and not any other car or truck. But at the end of the day, my car was badly damaged and there was not a scratch on  the bike. In case you are curious which bike it was - yes, our very own "Hero Honda Splendor".

Here is a pic of my car when it was hit

Car1 car2
DSCN1539 car4

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  1. Fazal C said...

    Gosh!!! That's some real damage...

  2. Liquidator said...

    yes dude!!! guess i was not lucky that day!!

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