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Green Park

After a good release, what’s the best place to chill? Well we hit upon this idea to spend the night at Nandi Hills. For some reason or other many people wanted to get back the same night. Also it was Muru’s last day @ work. So we wanted to go somewhere, but not far. In a flash Green park crossed our minds. Well to be honest we wanted a dhabba to chill and re-live Muru’s memoirs , so a dhaba was just what we needed. But unfortunately with BLR growing in all directions its hard to get a full fledged dhabba. But something was better than nothing. So we heeded straight to the dhaba, after Sumanth’s last check in.

It started raining while we made our way. We though these premature shower would end soon, but alas the rain came on for a long time and dampened our other wise up beat mood. But we still continued. Green park is near jakkur and when we reached there it was still raining, but somehow we got in there without being too wet. The sessions started and the drink’s was on Muru. Green park had some good food, but some of them very salty. I think we would need to tell them upfront to add less salt in the dishes. Apart from that, the cost is reasonable. It cost us 1.5K for 11 of us ( excluding the drinks) and would have been much lesser, if Sumanth had not tried to act smart ;-)

The only thing that you have to bear here is the time they take to serve. Don;t go in there if you are looking for a quick exit. Green park is a place to sit , relax and eat ;-)