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Travelogue – Magical Malnad - 2

From last day’s expedition, wifey was famished and i knew she would not be ready for any more expeditions like this for sometime. Anyways, there was no plans. We just attended the marriage and i tanked up my belly for lunch and left Hassan for Bangalore. I was feeling very drowsy, when one of the curves caught me by surprise. After that i felt refreshed , the average speed was 90 ~ 100 kmph as the bends were surprising and with the heavy trailers acting as delimiters and the road construction.

There was a funny sign en route which i failed to take a pic, it read –   “slow progress go work” instead of “Work in progress go slow”. Must have been a genius gowda :-) The drive was scenic and we halted at a dabba for some refreshing Masala chai and some onion rings. After that we hit bangalore

Some scenes en-route

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