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Airport misdemeanor

I had heard a lot about the British Airways flight(BA) that i decided to use this trip to try out this airline. While I packed my stuff, my funda of travel light was soon to be revealed. I had all my items packed into a single suitcase which I would be checking in as baggage and another would be my cabin baggage.

As we were packing, my dad as usual who is always right commented on the bag being overweight . And me being me always had to refute. No prizes for guessing , I won. But mom also had her say by asking me to take another bag along. I knew for sure that another bag means they will will probably ask me to do some shopping and me being one of those guys who have high IQ was quick to notice their sinister plan and said no for the second baggage.

While i was checking in, the BA assistant found the baggage to heavy and fined me additional 2.5K as fine. I was pissed off. ( later i realized that BA was very strict on these things). But I think i carried my charm well. I cut a sorry face in front of the pretty lady and some how got her to cancel the fine, meanwhile i also learnt from her that i would have to be careful, while chekin in from my destination on my return route and there would be no escape from the fine.

Like I said, I always win to loose from my dad. But some how, I translate the loose to read as win and I survive. Who do you think should take the credit here?