The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

Life Lessons – v 31.0 ( Part 5)

17. Choosing the correct mentors is the #1 most important factor in success of any kind. Modeling a mentor is the fastest way to success.  It doesn’t matter if you are climbing the corporate ladder, starting a web-based business, playing professional cricket, or studying religion.  You’ve gotta find your Gates, your Jobs, your Tendulkar, or your Krsna.

18. The answer will always be no if you don’t ask. Seriously, if you want something you have to ask.  Don’t be a blunt idiot.  Ask genuinely and ask politely.  If you just ask…  you’ll be surprised more often than not.

19. It’s o.k. to be a fan. I used to reject the concept of being a fan.  I didn’t want someone to call me a “fanboy”.  I wanted to think for myself.  Now, I’ve come to terms that being a fan is fun.  I like cheering for the RCB. 

20. Focus the bulk of your energy on leveraging your strengths, not on improving weaknesses