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If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

Life Lessons – v 31.0 ( Part 8)

29.  When we think about ourselves, many of us tend to try to work on our weaknesses.  In doing so, we limit the time we spend leveraging our strengths.  I’m not suggesting to ignore areas in which you need improvement, but every time I focus the bulk of my energy on my strengths (without totally ignoring other areas), I achieve much better results even within my weaknesses.  It’s a matter or positive perspective and sustaining motivation.  It really works.

30.  Never register anything  but your real name as your primary email address. You’ll regret it when you grow older

31. Trust your Mom.. because when all the world around you crashes your mom will always be there with you." Life is a challenge, accept it....Life is a problem, solve it.....Life is a maze, walk through it... Life is a mystery, solve it...THEN Life will be heaven, so enjoy it..."
Accept every problems that comes in your way as the test from God, and pass with flying colors

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