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North India Trip

All my family is very excited. Not with the fact that we all are off to North India – Delhi , Punjab & Himachal to be precise, but with the fact that i would be away from any electronic gadgets( read laptop  & iThings). Well the preparations are on and the tickets booked. We are all set. But the greatest challenge is getting my lil one’s items all in one bag and not more than that.

We started for this trip by first persuading wifey to come out with a checklist of most common items that we would use for a week and would be sure that, we would use more or less the same items most of the time.( when will women learn :-) , Go MS go!!!)

Finally the list was up, but I had a real tough time getting all the items in one bag. I carried forward my funda of travel lite ;-) So i gave instructions that we should have only 4 bags to carry and that should not exceed. I hope this time atleast my funda of travel light would work ;-) Only the next week would tell.

BTB, i heard that Indigo would not serve us breakfast. I will have to travel lite :-)