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Day 4

Since we had seen the major attraction – The Lama temple yesterday itself , we were running ahead of the planned schedule. So i looked a few more places of interest and found that the Kangra fort was worth watching.

So we set for – Dal lake ( the largest man made lake in Himachal), since the lake had dried up , we just ended up watching the tall pine trees which otherwise would have made a very good back drop. Again we were ahead of schedule as i had planned for a boat ride and some quite moment’s beside the lake. We then headed to Bhagsunath. This place is located at the outskirts of Mcleodganj. The temple here is said to have great healing powers. Another attraction here are a serene spring and a small but majestic waterfall. The region offers breathtaking views of the surrounding hilly ranges and woody forests. The ambiance of the place is dynamic and the atmosphere is cool and pleasant. One can feel the cool breeze from the Himalayan ranges.

After this we had a good time at the Kangra fort. It was a very old fort and also scary. There weren’t any takers and looked like we were the only one interested in the fort. The fort was well maintained though. We then reached Kangra’s most famous temple – Brajeshwari temple. The temple is one of the shakti peeta’s.

Since we had time and as per plan we headed to Wagah border to watch the retreat ceremony. I must tell you, for what our jawan’s have sacrificed you must watch this ceremony and shed atleast your sweat. I was totally drenched with my own sweat and dripping. The ceremony lasted 45 mins and the crowd was uncontrollable. The PRO was the highlight who infused us with the required “Josh” to boo the Pakistani’s who were just a handful at their border. The sight was terrific, but we were sorry of our state. The great heat of Punjab was acting on us.