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Day 5

After the Wagah Border episode we moved and settled nicely in Amritsar. Our next destination was Amritsar – Golden Temple( Harmindar Sahib Temple) and Jallianwala bagh.

The Golden temple is an awesome temple and I would any day recommend this place as a must visit. The locale is so serene, clean and makes you spend a lot of time there. We spent a solid 3 hours there. Mr. Amandeep Singh was courteous enough to guide us through the temple , it’s historic significance and it’s importance. After the guided tour we went to Jallianwala Bagh.

The very sight of the Jallinawala Bagh made me feel very bad. The inglorious basterds :-(. After seeing the bullet marks, there was nothing much to comment.

After this we again went back to the temple and decided to have lunch in the Temple’s Langar. The food was delicious and simple.

We still had some time and before we left for Ludhiana, we decided to shop around and as usual, the shopping was lil one centric. We got some nice clothes for the little one with some for wifey as well. While we were on shopping, the very thought of Bhagat singh doing rounds disguised in this very place gave me gitters.