The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

Revamping my old beauty

I was getting impatient. I had enquired to get my car bumper painted, but the mechanic said that i could simply use a new one that was available in the market. It would cost me 1600 bucks for a type A car. I had almost thought this was the only solution and people i talked to came with the same suggestion. Finally the best suggestion came in from Dad. He told me that this car bumper was very strong and the new ones are of light material and so was not so strong. That was real , coz i have seen many cars crash into mine only to see theirs damaged :-) He spoke to one of his friends and today a painter came by. I spoke to to him and explained to him that i needed my car bumper colored. So after a few set of raw materials ( paint, brush, turpentine oil, zero paper) and one hr of painting, my car bumper looks new and awesome. The cost - 200 bucks for the raw material and 100 bucks for his efforts. So all in all 300 bucks and i still have some paint remaining so that i can reuse it at a later stage. Now that's called budget revamping.

Has this happened with you?

Have you ever introduced someone to a bunch of your friends when you suddenly blank on the name of a person you know really well. Then you both laugh like "oh haha i jokingly forgot your name" when it's really "shit i have like 2 seconds to remember your name before this gets really awkward. …

Been  there? Felt that?

Is this wrong?

When someone leaves something at your house, and you keep forgetting to give it back every time you have an opportunity, and at last you just keep it (without using it, would that be wrong?) because it would be awkward to give it back, and well, he probably forgot about it and doesn't really need it anymore.. :-)

Bangalore One

Bangalore One provides you with a one stop interface with government. Citizen interactions with government departments will be under a single umbrella.  I had heard about it from many , but i had not been to the place personally. So when it was time for my passport to be renewed, i thought this would be a good time to visit there. The only thought of having standing in a long queue at the passport office prompted me to go to Bangalore one. As i waded through the offices to find the Bangalore one, I was impressed. There are lot of services that they undertake and the staff was also very helpful. They gave me full info for all my queries and also offered to fill up the application form.  It looked so simple or atleast they made it look like that. Looks like i need to visit the Regional passport office after all, thanks to my valid visa.

Revamping my old beauty

Finally, i got the local kid to strike a deal with some friend of his to trade in his wheel rims. Apparently, it looks like this guy got alloys for his car and had the rims spare for sale. I quickly urged the mechanic kid to do the talking and managed to get the rims for 300 bucks a piece. The kid was enthusiastic enough to take my car with him and change all the rims and put back my tyres on the new ones. While doing so, we noticed that one of the tubes had gone bad and needed a new one. So that was one additional expense i had to make. But come to think of the whole episode - i got my wheel rims, a new tube for one of them and all fixed and replaced including labor for 1500 bucks. I managed to get back my old rims and i know if i sell them at the "raddi wala" i will get at least some cash back based on the weight :-) . So now i have real neat set of wheels

Flower show

It was a few years ago that i had been to watch the flower show in Lalbaugh. It was good then, but i had faint memoirs of it. So this time when some one gave us the pass to visit the Flower show on Independence day, i readily accepted.So wifey and myself darted early in the morning to catch a glimpse of the flowers in thier pristine beauty.Off course i wanted to capture few of them on my camera. Here are few of them. If you want to see the whole set, let me know , i can share the web album.

Revamping my old beauty

A fateful day. My lil red riding hood developed a flat tyre. Just yesterday casually chatting with my friends about vehicles breaking down at derelict places and how the hunt for fixing them have given birth to so many movies. But luckily my car broke down right in front of my house. So I had no filmy experience. I hope to get this beauty fixed soon, but looks like she will have to wait for few more days because of my hectic schedules and  unholy times to visit office.

News: I just called up my local kid who lives down the lane and fixes flat tyres of cars and bike, He is gonna come over and have a look at the car. Will check with him for spare rims

Rajdhani Thali - Ek Khandani Parampara

Located in UB city, 2nd floor, this place serves real good rajasthani food. I have now been there a couple of times and so it was time to take wifey to taste this food. The food is pretty good but the only problem is that the waiters never give you enough time to relish the food that is served and always seems to be in a rush. I don;t know if that is the attentiveness of the staff or they want us to get going.I should not fail to mention the handwash. The Handwash was royal and a chap comes around and holds a bowl underneath your hands and pours water from another for you to wash . You will feel pampered. The thali consisted of dals, khadi's, sabjis in little katoris, ghee topped rotis and chappattis, rice and khichadi. There is also chaat and kachoris, papad and dhoklas. If you are in a mood for a quick decent vegetarian gujju lunch just go to this place it costs you 230 bucks on weekdays.