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Celebration at Pike place

We were like 15 years old and our CEO decided we need to have a celebration for this. So the event proposed for this was - dinner party followed by a comedy show.

The dinner started at 7.00 pm and everyone was enjoying the cock tail. I had not noticed that i was the only one who did not have a glass of beverage, until someone asked me where my drink was :-) So i walked up to the lady who was making these great cocktails to check with her if she had some soda. But when i reached her, i noticed that nobody was going for the soda and more over i did not even see any soda. I was so embarrassed as i did not even know what beverage i wanted, so the next immediate thing that came to my mind was water. The lady looked at me and gave me a glass of water. I felt like chicken. So i went back again and this time there was someone ordering a drink and here i applied "James bond" skills. I looked at the lady and ordered Martini - shaken not stirred :-). A sense of satisfaction came over me, only to drown me. They had no Martini. So i just took the drink the last person took as i did not even know what to ask  next:-(. Sad , i think i will need to do some research and keep some names ready so that i am not embarrassed in any social gathering. So holding this beverage in my hand i made my way through all people. Although the drink was on the table for the rest of the time, the smell made me high :-)

After the dinner we went to this mini theatre which was all booked for us to watch a stand up comedy performed by "Unexpected Productions" . I felt that some of the scenes were quite good while others were lame. But all in all, it was a night out worth remembering.

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