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Seattle – Heathrow - BIAL

Yep, i am super excited as i am flying back to my home. I know this is going to be  long stretch but at the end of it , there is happiness.

To avoid any final minute confusion, i got into online boarding. I was rather shocked that BA now allows passengers to carry only one luggage as their check-in baggage and this time around i had two baggage's. What’s with me and baggage's , i simply don;t understand. So get on a call with their customer support to figure out what was the exact rule. Beep, Beep and i was connected on to a IVR which only gave info it had and not what i wanted. Another hour of googling and random phone calls, i got connected to thier customer care – An italian/French lady greeted. Apart from the greeting, i did not understand a single word  that came out of her mouth. In this respect, i should give credit to the desi call center’s. They are so well trained even in accents ;-) Anyways after a lot of confusion, convincing, arguing, she allowed me to check in 2 bags. Lucky me!!!! i even had her email me for the confirmation. After all this drama, i went on to book my seats. At a friends suggestion, i choose the front seats. Only  to realize that it was a bad choice – the basinets :-( Will the kids allow me to take a nap??? . Ok, the final calling has come in, need to wind up. Will blog from Heathrow :-)