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If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)


Yes, you heard it right. Here is how it goes - A friend of mine who has been sharing the apartment with me, wanted to check out a few laptops and looks like he found something good on Walmart :-) So we decided to head to that place. The nearest Walmart was in Renton which was like more than an hour drive if we take the public transport. I had asked him to make a note of all the directions we may need to get there and better still take a print of the directions from our fav app - google apps. He quite assured me that he had the directions set right and in fact had directions from two different ways. Sounded magnificent.

We reached the Renton Transit center only to realize that we had not got the directions to to the store :-) Sounds funny , but its not when its windy and the temperature reads 1 C and you are homeless and lost :-) . We'll that's how we felt. But then considering that we are professionals who had and have been executing complex projects this seemed simple. So , we fixed our base as the transit center and went in each direction recollecting any street name that seemed familiar from our google maps. First shot, we gave up just after crossing a street. We trusted our sense of direction. We then headed back to our base and reached out to another route. While we walked we came across a creek which looked very beautiful. But quickly we realized, surely the store would not be in such a beautiful place. So we returned back to our base and then thought over carefully what we should do. By this time, our hero wanted to head back to the apartment as it was fruitless and cold. So we conjured up our courage and for one last time we headed in a different direction and continued on that path even though hero suggested that we may have come again in the wrong direction. But guess what?? in midst of this cold freezing weather, lady luck decided to help the destitute ones. From that point onwards, there was nothing we could do wrong - walked the correct direction( given the innumerable crossings) , reached the right place, did our shopping, walked into a chinese buffet ( this was the best place - eat what you want for 7.5 $ and trust me they had so many varieties) , reached the bus stop just a min to spare and got the connecting bus in less than a minute. What else could go wrong... Finally we are at the apartment and I just increased the room heater :-)

BTB, check out few pics i clicked on our adventure. Ok, it's no where close to my photographic skills, as it was clicked from my iphone. As i always say - Schumacher can only unleash his potential with a Ferrari :-)

Coal Creek Coal Creek
IMG_0050 IMG_0051