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Trip to Munnar errr Wayanad - 3

Saturday - At about 6.00 am we reached the sultan bathery check post and our driver ran with his documents to commercial check post to get a clearance.

While he was gone we slowly got down out of our TT, only to realize that we were in Queue. I mean... many ppl had chosed wayanad as thier holiday destination.We caught up sith some college girls and guys who were busy smoking and enjoying thier chai. After we got the clearance we moved in search of a hotel, where we could clean ourselves up. I guess this was a planned trip, coz we never got a place to stay :-) every hotel turned us down, seeing the hooligan in us :-). With great difficulty we managed to get a cheap room and we rented 2 of them. 4 in each. Some of the speciality of the room was - No flush in the loo, No hot water for bath, Just one electrical outlet to charge any of your electronic devices, No rug and ....No amount of begging pleading or even offerring money could get us hot water for the bath.Some how each one managed to take bath in the super cold water and still manage to stay warm:-) I guess we were still high on spirits..We went to a nearby India Coffee house in hope that we would get some neat nice food. Unfortunately, you know the drill - coconut oil fried items which only double screws your appetite.We then went off to the edkal caves - Man , no one quite told me that it was trekking place, armed with a cheap chappal i went with them. I felt too cheated even to complain. I had sore feet. The trek was really cool, if you are fit and one thing is for sure, it really showed me how fit I am and i need to work out double now. hehehe.. not that i am working out now.With great difficulty we reached the top.Wow what a panaromic view.It was awesome and i forgot all the pain after reaching there. It took us more than a hour to get there, as we stopped here and there for our lousy photographer to click a few snaps, which i intend to upload and also to help the needy girls, who were equally enthusiatic to reach the peak :-) We spent a solid time up there and decided to desend before it got late, out mantra was not to miss the next spot :-) the soochipoora falls :-)Once we got down, we were so dehydrated that we decided to have tender coconut rather than lunch. Also it was almost 4 when we got down.We gulped the cool, sweet tender coconut and tried to recover the lost staminaOnce back to our Van, we headed straight to soochipoora falls, Man the ppl of kerala are really hostile and when asked for directions, they really showed that they don;t entertain tourism. We almost covered 30 kms in the opposite direction, until a kind samatarian s showed the correct route.Soochipoora falls was beautiful, it had a nice water fall and on the otherside a panoramic view against the mountain. We managed to watch both. But beware, do not plan both edkal caves and soochipoora falls on the same day. Soochipoora falls is reverse edkal caves :-) what i mean is , when u start moving, its easy but since we go down here, it gets really tought to get back :-) After hitting the road, we headed straight to a so called good hotel for our dinner, the boys were as hungry as they could be and the ultimate greed of mouth over stomach prevailed and we ordered food like there is no tomorrow and wasted them all. The bill was high, probably the highest ever made in that hotel :-) As we were all tired the moment we hit the bed, we were like snoring :-) in spite of aching body.