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Trip to Munnar errr Wayanad - 1

It all started at a booze party,like it always does.

Trust me all the meaning full conversations take place at booze parties( read at the time of ordering the drinks and not after that).For some reasons i had not joined the team on thier previous outings, so this time they insisted me to choose a date and me not miss it. At about the same time my team had planned for an outing:-) and the same date was looking omnious. Neverthless i made a very bold decision and preferred to go my adda boys rather than my project team....So our preparation began.Atleast on paper :-) Raghu booked a Tempo traveller(TT) and that was a milestone in our preparation as no other issue was taken care of.We planned to leave bangalore on Friday and be back on Monday.Things always look rosy at the time of planning.I had a hectic week and sure enough i just made in time for the TT. All the boys were geared up for the day.