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Alternative to Itune

I am a regular user of my IPOD - touch. But what irritates me to the core is the music transfer. Steve spent a good amount of time on this beautiful gadget but i think he left the Itunes to be built by some iterns. Either i don't share thier thought process or the interns were retards when they designed it. I still have not managed to transfer the songs , movies and pics without erasing the whole stuff once.

But, then ppl with my "disease" can breathe easy. After searching and trying various other ipod managers, i came across a software called "Sharepod" which eases your pain. Give it a shot, you will be bowled by its ease. But just remember, the prerequisite for this ipod manager is - .Net framework 2.0 and above. Also you will need Itunes installed on your box.

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  1. Kavitha Shinde said...

    Really???? I woundn't know, coz I dont have an Ipod touch...maybe if techie cousin brother presented me one......i'll know what your talking about. ;o)

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