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Sehwag effect

Normally when Sehwag gets in mood, there is only one thing that happens - Mayhem. This is exactly what he did in the 4th ODI against NZ. But I had an inkling that this was due when I watched Sehwag announce his arrival in NZ with 3 consecutive 6's .

Well' I am not going to blog about Sehwag's awesome form or his disdain attitude towards NZ bowlers, but what is sure to be written is Sehwag's effect on my lil daughter :-)

Well, i woke up early today to catch up the last ODI. Thanks to my daughter's 5 am alarm, but unfortunately  the match was being delayed because of rain and bad weather. Meanwhile wifey was trying to feed milk to Niyanthri but with no luck. Niyanthri would hold the bottle but would not suck. She would just stare at everyone but not a drop would guzzle down her throat. I entered the scene and seeing wifey vexed  took the milk bottle and tried to feed Niyanthri. Well she started her usual taunts and would not give in. So i switched on the TV to distract her from her current behavior and browsed to watch the highlights of 4th ODI. For some reason, the moment Sehwag hit the screen, Niyanthri was excited and then, seeing Sehwag blistering away, Niyanthri guzzled down the entire milk watching Sehwag in awe!!!!

Everyone at home were puzzled as to how i managed to do that. Infact my mom made it a point that i feed Niyanthri always as i seemed  to have a technique :-)

But who cares, end of the day, Niyanthri drank her milk.... & Sehwag - Jai Ho!!!!!