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Lucky Oye!!!

Ok, this one needs a mention. Yesterday, i wanted to check my bank balance. Yes, i was preparing for the recession :-( . When i noticed that i was not getting connected to Internet. On pinging , i found that while my wireless router was working, the ADSL router from BSNL had turned dead meat. I did all my troubleshooting skills including replacing the adapter but no go.

So i just called my friend who works in BSNL - IP TV division to help me. He directed me to contact the customer support and assured that BSNL would provide me with another router. He also mentioned to me that there was an offer that was running which meant that i could take a new router for half the cost. I was thrilled.  So went off to bed, knowing that i had to get the new router tomorrow.

Today, i called up BSNL customer care and like always, they gave me wrong, incomplete answer in a very assuring manner. I ended up at the wrong outlet only to be told that no such offer of half price was there. So i submitted myself to spend money on this new router. But just a few days back, my hunch with technology gadgets has been good( read Playstation). So i thought it would be good if i can have this router checked by a repair guy before i went to get a new one from BSNL. But unfortunately the shop was not yet opened, so thought of dropping in at the ATM to draw some money to buy the router. Bad luck!!! No money in ATM. All these did not deter me and i rushed to this new place , least i should be late for office.

On reaching there, i found out that these guys were very very casual. No one "responsible" was even present to hear my case. So waited there for 15 mins questioning anyone i saw. Meanwhile i saw an old man  going up and down with some routers in his hand. I asked him if he could help me. He spoke to me uttara kannada style, and i obliged. Finally he tested the router and declared that my router was dead and i was to give an application for a new router. They would then process it and i would be allotted a router. Out of sheet impatience i asked the man in uttar kannada style - "saara eee router ge bere power supply koti nodbahudalla, yenta addilla alla? " . So the man confirmed in affirmation and got a new power supply and presto my router started working.  He asked me " yenta ooru?" . "Putturu".

"Eee powersupply togondu hogu maraya, adi illa. Naan nodi yenadru madthene maraya. Nee hogo maraya "

I just smiled , took the Power supply and walked away. Oye Lucky !!!!!! Another few hundred bucks saved ;-)


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