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E51 - my most used apps

The more i use my E51, the more i am discovering its unlimited potential. Here i am listing a few apps which i am using and looks like they have slowly made into my life

I use mail for exchange from Nokia and Road sync from datawiz to have my mails pushed from server to my cell. I can view, read, download attachments.

Best profile is good application, to switch my preferences while i am at office or at home. It helps me maintain the home-office balance

I am always short of words and this dictionary helps me be in constant touch with the english language to learn new words

Gravity is a wonderful application that lets me tweet directly from my mobile. So you expect the twitter to be in full swing :-)

IM plus - A good IM to stay in touch with friends on yahoo, gmail, msn and ICQ all at the same time.

Free call sprite:  This is a good application for managing the way calls are being made. With this i no longer have to wait with phone near my ear till they pick up the call

Explorer - This is more like an file management explorer tool for all file management activities

Flash SMS: I use to send some important sms to friends and colleagues. The sms shows up directly on the screen of your cell. So there is no way you can miss

FolderPlay: I use this to play music after dumping all my fav songs onto a folder.

Phone pilot : This is a good call management tool . I can selective accept calls and also direct blacklisted people to voice mails

Phone wallet: Helps keep me secure my personal info. This is password protected

Quick office : Helps me view - word, excel, presentations and pdf docs right on my cell

S60 Ticker : Displays incomming sms, mails and any other text that i would want

Snaptu : Comprises of a lot of widgets - cricket, twitter are some of them

Youtube : No need to explain this. The streaming is pretty good.

In addition to these apps, the active standby screen is where some of these house so that i can access them from my finger tip.

Corporate email Best Profile Dictionary
Gravity Explore IM FlashSms Freecallsprite Mp3Player 
PhonePilot PhoneWallet Quickoffice
S60Ticker Snaptu Youtube