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Revamping my old beauty

After much speculation as to which new car should I  go for, i finally decided to revamp my old beauty. Ok , it was not so easy because i had to disregard - Grand Punto, Linea, Swift and Verna.  But then the recession factor was a huge thing and always back of my mind. I did not want to put myself in any spot. So i carefully plotted a sinister plan to revamp my old car. There were various critical areas that had to be set right for the car. But before i get there, a small rewind and my memoirs of this car when it was young :-)

In 1983, Maruti 800 - a 796 cc hatch back was developed by Maruti with active support from Suzuki. This was India's first car that was affordable to the Indian market and so much was being talked about this car, that even an initial 500 cars were exported to Hungary.

It was in 1987 ,  that this beauty ( Lil RED Riding hood) of mine was conceptualized.  I still remember that in initial day's Dad was very possessive ( he still is) of this car and would not allow anyone to touch it also. I used to fight with my family members to get the pillion seat so that i could watch my dad change gears and hope that i could pick how to drive.

My initial trust with the car was not so good. The first time i laid my hands on the car, it was a dream. I just packed  all my friends and we all went on a long drive ( This was the time when dad was out out on a business trip). After a fruit full drive, it was time to park the car in the garage. Unfortunately i still was not an expert in parking between walls. So when i was parking, i did notice the wall on my left that i was getting close :-) You can guess the remaining. All hell broke loose the next day when dad came back from his business trip. Result : - I was forbidden to touch even the car key :-)

The only saving grace was when i was employed and i would blackmail my dad saying that - I would be buying a new car and would not allow him to touch that :-)