The Eternal Truth...

There are only 3 ways to write a blog... The Right Way, The Wrong Way and MY Way :-)

Programming Myself....

If you want something you never had, you must do something you never have done!!! - That's meee!!! can't be better:-)

PS addiction

OOh aaah ouch !!! I can't move my hand ! Even my fingers are protesting as I type. Coz all I've been doin` is playing Playstation games on my kick ass TV ! My friends are all having their minutes of fun, havin` a good laugh at me ! But i had my last laugh when they came over to my place and I just turned on a PS2 game - Soul Calibur.. NOW, its them, they are more hooked to that gaming device than me. All day long they call and ask me what time i am back home from work, so that they can play the game.

Getting stressed out at work is normal, but playing a good game of Tennis or Soul Calibur or even mortal kombat is even more stressfull. Its the stress that you would love. I have started t o have a good collection of games now. Smash court Tennis,Gun, Call of duty, Final Fantasy XII, Need for Speed - carbon, Unreal tournament( downloaded from Torrents), Tom clancy's splinter cell,Black( reversed engineered from another DVD),Beach volleyball, Cricket 2007, FiFa 2007, Combat Elite, Grand Theft Auto - San Andreas, Gran Turismo - 3, Top Spin, Sega games collection, God Of war, Soul Calibur, Mortak Komat- Armageddon - these are some i regularly play and can think of now. Trust me, all you need is one game and your are hooked... I am off now home, to play a few more and become the undisputed one.

"yeah d00d u just got pawned by another n00b - 31337"