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PS2 back to life

After serving me for 3 yearns now, my PS2 stopped reading my fav games. I was very concerned that it would mean end of my gaming life ;-(. So hurriedly I took the playstation to Sony service repair center. But unfortunately the service guy would not help me much, simply because - it was out of warranty & mine was modded. But i really would like to know who in our country would - buy a international warrant for an device you buy outside india and that too for more than a year. & then who would pay 2K for each game to satisfy your gaming quench? What would National market guys do?

Well, i then began my journey to find a repair center in Bangalore for fixing my PS2. After hours of googling, i found nothing. Fortunately I had heard of a electronics repair shop near my home who was supposed to be good in such things. I just took my PS2 there. The moment he saw the PS2, he reeled out the model, the mod chip and other details which convinced me that he was the ONE. But on further investigation, he found that the lens was bad and needed a replacement. Here is where another journey began. All his contacts ran dry and he could not find the lens. We had to either ship the PS2 itself to chennai or mumbai , as it was available there. And for some reason, we found that days were passing by and no progress.

So again, i started getting impatient and started to quiz my friends if they knew any repair shop. Fortunately Phani passed me this message from his forum - "There’s one shop on the church street (It’s in a small complex and easily locatable), its right opposite to ‘Oye Amritsar’.. I don’t remember the name of the shop, but I got my PS2 repaired from there"  . I decided to take it to that guy.

So i went back to the guy who had my PS2 , faked a reason and collected it back from him. And then what happened after that is miraculous.  I just got it home and something told me to plug the PS2 and see. I just did that and presto my PS2 began playing all my games ;-) I could not control my happiness :-) ( You would understand that only if you are a gaming freak)

I am off this weekend to National market to pick up more titles - most wanted being - call of duty - world @ wars.

As Phani rightly put it - GOD ....Guaranteed Overnight Delivery ... for your prayers :))

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  1. Anonymous said...

    Lucky rascal..why is God so generous to U???

  2. AKASH VARSHNEY said...

    Good Description !! dude .. i m going for a modded PS2 from National Market , Bangalore

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